Scott Hodge


11.8.05 HodgeCast

Nov 8, 2005


Just a little under four months later and here it is…!  The 2nd ever Scott HodgeCast.  Enjoy!

Show Notes:
Dave Matthews – Old Dirt Hill
Thank you Tim Schraeder Wish List
Thank you Scott Harris
David Crowder
Kyle Lake, University Baptist Church in Waco, TX
Sarah McLachlan, World on Fire
Emerging Church?
Brian McLaren
Journaling picture gallery
Mute Math

Show Length: 20:02
Download Size: 13.7MB

Show Scribbles (Click for larger image):


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Special thanks to David Russell for all of his help with this podcast.  Visit David’s blog here.

4 Responses to “11.8.05 HodgeCast”

  1. Nice job bro! I wish I was getting these babies downloaded more often.

  2. Amy Dusek says:

    Great Hodgecast…you need to do these more often. I was really touched by Kyle Lake’s written messages notes. His words really made me think about how I sometimes take things for granted and that I should ALWAYS be living each day to the fullest. Also…wonderful thoughts on journaling. I’m going to set out one of my many blank journals that are laying around and start writing. Thanks Scott!

  3. Gemma Grace says:

    Thanks Scott ~ I really enjoyed the podcast. I especially appreciated hearing Kyle Lake’s sermon notes… an amazing gift!

  4. Gapp says:

    Scott -
    Great podcast! I’m definitely inspired to journal now…I never really found the motivation, other than a dinky xanga post now and then, but the idea of a written journal is sounding more and more satisfying.
    Also, it’s good to see other Mute Math fans out there! I saw them live at First Ave on 10/18…amazing show – they were the best band by far, and should’a been headlining!
    Anyway, I look forward to the next Hodgecast!

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