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12:32AM and wondering why I’m still awake….

May 18, 2006
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Made it back home from Springfield this afternoon just in time for a short, impromptu staff meeting.  Gearing up for the weekend for the final installment in our "simple" series.  Closing it out with a talk entitled, "" and REALLY looking forward to it.  Lots of writing to do tomorrow and then a couple of days with my girly girls before heading to LA on Sunday.  Crazy days…

Oh yeah…  And thanks everyone for the feedback on the blog video options.  I’m hoping to throw out a test vlog in the next couple of days. 

One Response to “12:32AM and wondering why I’m still awake….”

  1. Blair Farley says:

    What are you coming to LA for? We will try and have some nice weather for you!

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