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2006 Orchard Baptism Video

Oct 23, 2006
Here it is guys… our 2006 water baptism video. Over 80 people water baptized at this year’s BBQ & Baptism.

8 Responses to “2006 Orchard Baptism Video”

  1. Chad Wright says:

    Phenominal video. I can’t help but get excited seeing things like this.

  2. Scott Harris says:

    INSPIRING!!! Thanks for posting it. It reminds me of why I do what I do.

  3. Joni Ruhs says:

    No words.

  4. AMAZING!!! Changed lives and that’s why we do what we do! Thanks for giving me a “morning highlight” as I am working through my message for next Sunday!

  5. Kate says:

    Ok, I seriously can’t watch a baptism without crying. I found that watching A Baby Story does the same thing – everytime they show a new baby being born, I can’t help but start crying – even if I just turned the show on. I’ve never witnessed a large baptism like that – I would’ve been crying (happily) all day!

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    Wow, Scott! Thanks for posting this. I would like to see the full video next time I’m in Chicago. What an awesome event – I can’t imagine so many people all at once, and so many family, especially my brother – I wonder if mom and dad were smiling in heaven. Thanks.

  7. Scott – that is just awesome. Thanks for the inspiration. The idea of 80 people being baptized gets me so excited to share my faith and spend my life pursuing this great commission. Rock on.

  8. John Jackson says:

    Awesome…THIS is why we are in ministry! Yea God!

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