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2nd Ave Deli

Feb 8, 2006

It was Sunday, November 23rd 2003 and a buddy and I were sitting on the corner of 2nd Ave. and E. 10th street in the East Village of Manhattan (NYC) when I saw the Second Avenue Deli and commented, "Man…that place looks great.  We should try that sometime.  And their sign is cool too…"  And then I reached for my camera and took this picture (which turned out pretty crappy…)

Well, unfortunately, we never made it to the Second Ave. and now it looks like we never will.  Just found out via The Amateur Gourmet that they have closed their doors.  Too bad…  Nothing like a visit to a great deli when visiting New York.  Guess I’ll have to stick with Katz’s deli on the Lower East Side. 

What’s with all of these "iconic" restaurants closing down??  Here in Chicago we’re losing The Berghoff – which has been a Chicago landmark for the past 100 years. 

And then don’t even get me started on the whole Marshall Field’s thing…

Amateur Gourmet’s Link about The Second Avenue Deli in Manhattan

3 Responses to “2nd Ave Deli”

  1. Tim says:

    Dude! That’s crazy. I was just in NYC and a friend of mine said we should check it out, and there was a sign saying that it was closed for rennovation. That’s so sad! I took a pic of it too…

  2. David W says:

    Wow! That’s really sad. The issue is too much competition with big businesses. When you can go to the supermarket and get 20 different varieties of chicken noodle soup and go to get lunch at any mega chain like McDonalds or Burger King, the little guys can’t stand up to that kind of money. So the bills keep going up and the clients start going down and soon you have to close your doors. It’s sad. I will never get to go to the establishment when ever I get to go to New York. =(

  3. The Marshall Fields downtown holds memories. Growing up in Glenview, we had an annual trek to Fields, at the start of the Christmas season. (This was offically the day after Thanksgiving, not now when you begin to see Christmas things just after Labor Day, but I digress.) My grandparents would always come to visit at Thanksgiving, and then on Friday moring we were off to the Evanston “L” stop to head into downtown to Fields. We’d wander around and see all the store windows, and then eat lunch near the decorated Christmas tree in Fields. So much for history and tradittion.

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