Scott Hodge



Jul 26, 2007

Whoever invented this….. 


GOD bless you.

Posted at 3:40am.

5 Responses to “3:40am”

  1. Kelly Shirley says:

    ooohhhh! My prayers are with you and Amamnda for LOTS of GOOD sleep! That’s the thing I learned with boys – they love to be held. Especially by their Momma – sorry Amanda… but it’s so worth it (even more enjoyable when you get some sleep).

  2. I can identify…..

  3. Doug says:

    What is that? Some sort of truss?

  4. edith Zepeda says:

    Yes we have so many new fangled contraptions to make it a little easier on us nowadays.

  5. matt says:

    We’ve got a “mommy inventors” workshop going on here in a couple of weeks. Pain is the greatest cause for invention and mommies have a lot of pain, so I guess it makes sense.
    Congrats on the cute kid. Good thing he got his looks from mom.

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