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Sep 16, 2008

Yes, it's a different picture than the original one.  I just couldn't take it anymore….


Trying to access a webpage that's no longer there?  Welcome to the 404 Error Page

And the creative folks at posted the "best of" 404 Error Pages about a month ago. 

Check them out here.

4 Responses to “404”

  1. Dude, I really enjoy your blog and admire your ministry…but that is the WORST picture I’ve seen anywhere in a long, long time. For the love of all humanity, please get rid of that.
    Ha! Ha!

  2. Chad Payne says:

    Dude! I was tryin’ to EAT!! Yuck!

  3. Joni says:

    I’m with Mr. Richardson. That IS the most god-awful picture I’ve ever seen. I’ll never be able to watch a french horn player without puking.

  4. Ted says:

    Thank you Scott for changing the picture.
    Was that the guy you were telling me about who was as big as “Goliath” and could play the horn like “David Pyatt?”

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