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7 Deadly Sins

May 5, 2011
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Last weekend we began our “7 Deadly Sins” series at The Orchard.  Started with the topic of GLUTTONY.  Wow…what a subject.  You can listen here if you missed it.  (BTW…here’s the iTunes podcast link if you’re interested.)

This coming weekend is Mother’s Day and we’ll be continuing the series by talking about…..ANGER.  And no…there’s no direct tie-in with the topic and the fact that it’s Mother’s Day.  Although…I think I’m picturing a new game app called “Angry Moms”.  Hmmm….

It’s going to be a great weekend ahead!

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the promo we did for the series.

One Response to “7 Deadly Sins”

  1. Corbett Reeves says:

    Scott, LOVED the promo!! Great use of the Sistine Chapel artwork… loved the music choice also. Could have used a little more Papyrus font, though!! =)

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