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7 Marketing Tips for Podcasts, Blog Ads, and RSS Feeds

Aug 12, 2005
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Marketing Sherpa’s interview w/ David Lawrence – "7 Marketing Tips for Podcasts, Blog Ads, and RSS Feeds."

These are more geared towards people using podcasts & blogs to market their product, but you might find some of these "tips" helpful.

For podcasts:

  1. Keep ‘em short.
    (7-10 minutes.  Remember you are competing w/ people’s time.)
  2. Don’t be cute.
    (Be clear and intriguing, but don’t be cute.)
  3. Get training
    (Get training in being clear spoken and enthusiastic.)

Two RSS Marketing Tips:

  1. Don’t give it all away.  (I TOTALLY DISAGREE W/ THIS ONE – I’ll actually NOT add you to my RSS list if you do this.)
  2. Be aware of bandwidth

Two Blog Marketing Tips

  1. Remember your audience
  2. Existing ads probably won’t work


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