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A Day

Dec 29, 2005

It’s amazing what a day will bring you.  One moment I’m blogging about sock monkeys and enjoying the day with my wife and kids……and a moment later I’m taking a phone call from someone notifying me that a 33 year old friend from high school who attends The Orchard was killed in an automobile accident this morning. 

So me and a couple of friends shot over to the family’s house and just sat.  And cried.  And held.  And hugged. 

Sometimes that is all you can do – just sit.  And so we sat in a room full of people (including his two young children) who were just absolutely shocked and devastated by their loss. 

There’s not much to say in a moment like that. 

But one thing I know for sure is that when these types of things happen I am strongly reminded of how vital it is to stay surrounded by good, solid people who can not only celebrate and enjoy life with you – but who can also cry, grieve and just "sit" with you when all hell breaks loose.

3 Responses to “A Day”

  1. Words fail me.
    Praying for you and the family of your friend, tonight.

  2. chip says:

    It’s hard to be the pastor in a time like this. Especially hard when you are friends with the person who passed. I will pray that God will give more grace.

  3. Scott, we are praying for you and the family. Let them know that there are people praying for God’s grace and love to surround them during this difficult time.

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