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A few (MORE) snippets from Andy Stanley at DRIVE

Nov 7, 2006

Tony Morgan is at the Drive Conference and has posted some good quotes from Andy Stanley.  Some good nuggets to chew on…

A few of my favorites:

The gravitational pull of your ministry is to create insider language,
rules and programs that makes it more difficult for people to turn to

The only people that really love a big church are the pastors. It’s a hassle for everyone else.

We made a fundamental decision years ago that we were going to be more committed to reaching people than keeping people.

Anytime you hear, "our people just won’t," you’re listening to someone
who doesn’t understand systems. They’re blaming people instead of
addressing the systems. (Tony’s note: And these people are not leaders.
They’re just whiners.)

You can’t change, add or delete programs to change a church or change lives. Programming doesn’t change behavior.

Your current system is perfectly designed for the results you’re getting. That may be great news, or that may be bad news.

Connect the dots. You need to figure out a way for every single
volunteer in your organization to understand what they contribute to
the whole.

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Thanks Tony!

9 Responses to “A few (MORE) snippets from Andy Stanley at DRIVE”

  1. ted says:

    What thought provoking ideas! Simplifying does matter. People matter.

  2. annoymous says:

    I’am troubled by the notion that it is more important to reach people than to keep people. If you reach many and then cannot keep them, why does a church exist?
    This belief indicates that people who come in to a church are ultimately not important to those running it.

  3. Truitt says:

    i just got back from that confernce. it was good. and now please excse me while i go shoot myself.
    (translated: my church is screwed up and i am in no position to offer suggestions from what i learned.)

  4. joni says:

    I took the reaching vs keeping to mean that if trying to appease those who do the “take my toys and go” church escape would keep you from reaching others, than the priority is reaching others and not compromising your mission. And this I’m sure can work and not work on so many levels.

  5. chris says:

    A response to

  6. chris says:

    Does its purpose exist to serve the faithful, the insiders. Does it become a refuge from the

  7. ted says:

    well said chris.

  8. ted says:

    piggybacking on chris’ point. could we even say that when we become insider-minded and focus more on programs, etc… that we lose the truest sense of who we are, our identity if you will…that we are “the” body of christ (the church). that if we are not careful, our focus becomes more in trying to accomodate insiders; therefore, ultimatley we don’t educate insiders of their purpose. in the words of jesus, “you ARE the salt of the earth.” jesus wasn’t asking us to try and be salt, he was making an observation…that is what you are to outsiders.
    oh, and by the way, i think it was jesus who said that he didn’t come for the well, but the sick.
    so, in gist, is it important to allow insiders to grow in their faith? sure. but, “for what?” why are they growing in their faith? so they can be super christian? i think if we foundationally ask, “for what?”
    it will ultimately lead us to reach outsiders, would it not?

  9. chris says:

    I went back and read Andy Stanley’s words in tony morgans first post, (scotts link 1).

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