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A Simple Easter

Mar 28, 2006


Well, it’s that time of the year…Easter!

For those of us who follow Jesus that’s a big deal – for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, it is a major point of celebration in the Christian faith as we celebrate the physical resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Secondly, it’s a big deal because it is the biggest opportunity of the year to expose a huge number of people to our church community.  It actually blows my mind what we have seen happen at our Easter weekends these past few years. 

In 2005 we decided to add a third service and our attendance jumped over 60% from the year before!  This year, we are adding a FOURTH service and we are expecting another significant increase in the number of people we will have joining us Easter weekend. 

One of the things that’s very important to us at big holiday events is that we present ourselves as WE ARE to our community.  So – we don’t do big Easter musicals or presentations.  We don’t all dress up in suits and ties on Easter Sunday morning.  (Note: nothing wrong w/ these things…just speaking for US.) We’re just very intentional about being OURSELVES! 

So, just like any other time of the year, we launch a very relevant series on Easter weekend (usually geared towards a wide range of people – topics like relationships, etc…) and utilize the same types of creative elements that would normally use.  It’s important to us that people get a taste of what the Orchard is like on a typical weekend. 

We also make sure that we invite our community AND make it as easy as possible for our church family to invite their unchurched friends and family members.  This year, to help spread the word for Easter weekend, we are…

  • Shooting out 10,000 postcards to the local community directly around our church campus.
  • Distributing business card size invites to our church family to invite others.
  • Ordering a bunch of white rubber wrist bands (like the ONE bracelets) that have the name of our series on them.
  • Putting up a big banner on the lawn of our campus to advertise our big Easter egg hunt that will be happening on Saturday, April 15th and also advertising our four services.

I’m excited! 

This year, the series that we will be launching will be entitled, "Simple: Cutting Out Life’s Clutter."  It will be a six week journey through the scriptures to learn how to simplify our lives.  We’ll be talking about what the Bible has to say about simplifying our marriages, our friendships, our time, our religion and our parenting. 

Here’s the front side of the direct mail piece (click for larger image):


SO…church leaders & pastors – now I want to hear YOUR IDEAS!  What are YOU doing for Easter?

3 Responses to “A Simple Easter”

  1. Betsy says:

    Sounds like we’re doing what you’re doing, with the exception of the big banner because the HOA that controls our new facility doesn’t like ‘em. We’re trying to get around that.
    Just wanted to say that I like the artwork on your postcard. Interesting that you use the word “series” right on the front. We try to be more incognito with our mailers. Maybe we should just be honest — “Hey, we’re a church and we’re doing a series. Come check it out.”
    I’d love to see any videos you guys do for this series!

  2. matt says:

    As a former church leader / pastor, I can’t speak for what we’re doing this year, but I love that you present to the community who you are and not a hyped up version that they’ll have to wait until next Easter to see again. You’re marketing what’s real, not some contrived notion of what you think potential community members want to be a part of. Way to go!

  3. stephen Brewster says:

    we are doing a large campaign intitled ALIVE06. you can go to our website and see the banner ad ( we are renting out the largest venue in our area and believe we will have 10k in attendance. last year we had just under 7k.
    Great job on your blog.

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