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A Typical Tuesday in My Non-Typical Life

Sep 27, 2005

Desk_3I’m in my 15th hour of my workday.  I know, it’s crazy…  But that’s Tuesdays for me.  Tuesdays are my craziest days.  I get here early in the AM and stay late as heck.  I typically try to wipe out most of my meetings on Tuesdays (including staff meeting – which went for about 3 hours today). 

Here was my day:

6:30am – Woke up to 95.5FM Smooth Jazz pipin’ on the Bose Wave Radio
7:38am – Kissed the girls and pulled out of my driveway
7:41am – Pulled up at Starbucks for my first caffeine injection of the day (right near my home!)
8:12am – Pulled up at my office
9:16am – After some quiet time and day planning, I began my day by taking notes from an Andy Stanley video
9:45am – Daily briefing w/ Terri (my assistant)
10:15am – Quick meeting w/ Amber (staff)
10:30am – Closed door doing early weekend prep (writing)
12:30pm – 3:30pm – Staff Meeting (Long one today, but VERY productive!)
3:30pm – Caffeine run to Starbucks for 2nd caffeine injection (and treated a few staff…)
4:00pm – Private appointment, office
6:30pm – Meeting with Production Team Leader
7:30pm – Meeting with Production Team & Music Team
8:10pm – Meeting with Production Team (First Wednesday prep)
9:25pm – Listening to new songs w/ music team
10:54pm – Trying to figure out why I’m still here.

Check out the pictures here.

9 Responses to “A Typical Tuesday in My Non-Typical Life”

  1. Dude, thanks for sharing the photo-essay – too funny!

  2. Noelle says:

    Great pics…
    A couple thoughts-
    1. I haven’t seen a brick building in soooo long. They don’t make Starbucks like that here…EVERYTHING is stucco and Santa Barbara style or the rustic flagstone stucco mix….
    2. You lied about your radio station. :) Just kidding- but you did say you listend to 95.5 smooth jazz…Angelina loves that station by the way…she always joins the James Earl Jones sounding guy and says, “SMOOOOOOOTH Jazz”.
    3. Do you and Amanda always color coordinate? Very cute! :)
    4. I like your set. Way cool.

  3. Cool! Thanks for the day in the life.

  4. Kathryn Egly says:

    Where was I at 3:30 pm when you “treated a few staff” to Starbucks?
    I guess that’s why it says a FEW of the staff…

  5. heather says:

    Ok this has nothing to do with your post but thought you may like this music…..

  6. Nice, love the photo album of your idea idea… I think I may ‘borrow’ it.

  7. er, that was supposed to be “love the photo album of your day idea”

  8. Lori says:

    Please tell me you don’t listen exclusively to smooth jazz…93 XRT is one of the main things I miss about living in Chicago!

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