Scott Hodge


All Honeymoons Die

Feb 9, 2010

“To sustain anything in this life we must continually recognize that that first fervor, that special electricity that we would die for, never lasts and that we must be open to receive a new spirit within the relationship. The downside of this is that all honeymoons die, but the upside is that God is always giving us something richer, deeper life and fuller spirit.”

Ronald Rolheiser, The Holy Longing

5 Responses to “All Honeymoons Die”

  1. just as long as the honeymoon doesn’t die on the honeymoon itself. gettin’ married in 11 days, so… here’s to hopin’

  2. Tally Wilgis says:

    This realization leads to Christian maturity.

  3. Chilly says:

    man, after 20+ years, I still feel like both my marriage & relationship w/ Christ is on the honeymoon! so thankful!
    but, yeah, I get the quote and agree.

  4. Chris Courtney says:

    What a fantastic quote! I think one of the ultimate statements of faith is to be able to honestly proclaim, when the honeymoon is over and we face adversity, that circumstances really don’t matter (good or bad), because GOD is in control and HE is what is important. That’s very easy to say, however. Putting it into practice consistantly is another matter altogether. Thanks for sharing, Scott!

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