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An Experience of Love

Mar 12, 2012
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This past weekend I shared an excerpt from one of my dad’s journals and so many of you have asked if I could post it.  So here it is.  It was written in November of 2003 and as you’ll see, this was his attempt at putting into words a very deep experience of God’s love he was having over the last 18-24 months of his life.  I’m honored to share it with you and I hope that it creates a deeper hunger in you for a greater experience of God’s love and grace in your own life.

I do not know how to describe what has happened to me. I only know that deep within me, I mean really deep, it seems that something, connected to an understanding of God’s love, has changed me. I sense that this change is a forever thing. It seems that God never goes back on what He does. I have been captured by His love. It is something that I must admit, I never knew existed like I am now experiencing. It is like I have stepped into a new dimension where the height and depth are beyond my comprehension.

I am consumed with a passion to tell people about what I have experienced for the sole purpose of helping them to know that they can have it too. This love relationship offered to me and everyone by the Father is beyond anything I could ever imagine. I am overwhelmed that I have been privileged to experience it. I know that everyone else can experience it too…but love is powerless unless it is consented to.  I must confess that I am coming to understand this, and am so grateful for the honor of being loved by the Most High God, and yet I understand that since he is love he can do nothing else but love us. 

I have a glimpse of what the institutional church has allowed to happen. It has presented a picture of God and Christ that is inconsistent with who they are. As a product of that church, I desire to liberate those who are caught up in it; to save others from it. I have a passion to take people who are turned off by religion or to religion and turn them on to Jesus Christ and turn them in to devoted followers of Christ.

Larry Hodge
November 2003, 4:31AM

If you’ve never read The Orchard’s story, you can read it here.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Always love reading your Dad’s words that you share. It was very powerful to hear his voice this weekend. So thankful for the vision and obedience he had. He was an amazing man that has blessed those of us who never knew him. I am thankful for the experience he had, as it created this amazing place called The Orchard. My life has been changed because of it, as have so many others!

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