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Andy Stanley @ Exponential (Detailed Notes)

Apr 22, 2008

Andy began by talking about Northpoint’s launch…

Initial launch had 1500 people.  "If that makes you hate me, I understand!"

Had a lot of connections through student ministry.  Big launch….  Had 5 staff members… 

3 campuses in ATL……20 miles north, 20 miles south..  Since then, 14 churches, have shut down 2.

"Making Vision Stick"

Vision – mental picture of what COULD be fueled by some passion of what SHOULD be.  Something that you feel NEEDS to happen!

Vision always begins as a burden.  Can’t get it out of my head…

The challenge for us… leadership is what’s clear in HERE (in our heads) has to become clear out here or people won’t know how to follow us.

Making our vision clear and stick IS a central part of leadership.

5 things that help make vision stick:


Take time to think through what exactly it is you are trying to accomplish.

What is the vision?  And state it in a way that you can say it quickly and succinctly. 

The memorable is portable.  You need a portable vision.

Doesn’t have to be cool or rhyme…

Curse of Knowledge – you know so much of what you’re doing you assume everyone else knows what you’re doing.

Vision doesn’t stick!

People aren’t asking stupid questions….they’re just showing us how poorly we’ve communicated it.

What is it that people who volunteer in your organization come together to do?

One campaign – “to make poverty history.”  You’ll know this vision for the rest of our lives!

Doesn’t even have to be original.

Not just committed to GROWTH….committed to MULTIPLICATION.

Its’ one thing to say one thing over and over who sit in front of you in rows….  Entirely different to communicate it through several tiers…

Obama – we all know what his big idea is – “change.”  Don’t know Hillary’s or McCain’s….

Sometimes very powerful statements and vision statements come accidentally!

Obama has done an incredible job of marrying his message to a word.

As you think about what you’re trying to do, you serve yourself and others well to ask yourself, “when people show up for work or plan a service, etc…  What have we come together to do?”  What’s the one sentence job description associated w/ organization?


Neh 2 – the ultimate explanation/illustration of casting vision.

Nehemiah – the WALL has been town down for a long time….  Casts vision as to WHY they need to REBUILD NOW….

Did it in 50 + days…

3 components:
    Define the problem
    Offer a solution
    Explain WHY and WHY NOW.

If people don’t feel the problem they are not excited about the solution.  EVER!  You need to learn to craft your vision as a solution to a problem.  You’ve got to understand the problem that your vision is a solution for.

Most people don’t have a problem w/ Jesus…..they just don’t like the church.

What is the problem that our vision addresses?

To ask yourself:

What must be done in the environment you find yourself in?

What would go undone if your organization ceased to exist?

“Business Solutions” – Google this.  Because businesses have learned to position themselves as a solution to a problem.


You have never stated it enough.  Look at the rhythm of your organization….

At Northpoint – Jan high attendance….  Uses this time for vision casting.  Staff asks, “Shouldn’t we do something practical?”  No! 

You need to discover what those are and build into the rhythm the times to cast vision.  Can’t do it sporadically.

When Andy casts vision, he almost always feels like he just preached the SAME THING!!  But people still get moved by it!  Why?  Because vision doesn’t stick!


Not only a matter of repeating it…. But find ways to celebrate it!

When you catch somebody living out the vision the way you anticipate, celebrate it!  Show it! 

Say, “This is what I”m talking about!”

Stories do more to clarify more than anything.

An emotion brings to life these phrases, sentences, etc…


Talk about it!  In your attempts to be humble or below the radar – you might be missing opportunities.  Gives people permission to push the envelope in their own life.

4 Responses to “Andy Stanley @ Exponential (Detailed Notes)”

  1. Exponential conference live from Orlando

    A huge gathering well into the thousands, like about 2,800 church leaders in Orlando, Florida — at the Exponential 08 Conference, aka National New Church Conference! Touted as the mother of all church planting conferences. (Wish I could be there,

  2. Great recap! Andy always has great things to share…

  3. Mike Wagner says:

    Very helpful summary.
    Thanks taking the time to enlarge the insights and conversation that Andy’s talk encourages.
    Keep creating…a story worth repeating,

  4. Nate says:

    Thanks for the recap, Scott. Posted a link on my blog to your notes…

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