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Apple Spy Program?

Aug 3, 2006

I’m a little spooked right now. 

I’m sitting here typing away writing my talk for this weekend and I look up and notice this:


It’s the green light indicator for my iSight (build in cam.)  This means that it’s ON.  Yet, I have no programs running that would have triggered the camera to come on. 

Is Steve Jobs spying on Mac users?  What’s going on?  Has anyone ever experienced this? 

8 Responses to “Apple Spy Program?”

  1. kenny says:

    Ah, quit being so paranoid. Nobody’s watching you… at least not. right. now.

  2. Isaac says:

    Maybe you should put a piece of duct tape over the iSight camera. that’s what I do when I get paranoid.

  3. I saw what you did this morning.

  4. Chris Cree says:

    You were at Starbucks, right? Drinking some kind of a Macchiato? Grande?
    You talked on your phone for a bit?
    Not that I was watching…

  5. Dude,
    I swear, I thought it was a reality show and you were in on it… We have been watching you for months on
    I just thought you knew all about it. That does explain some things though…
    Wow… that is kind of spooky.

  6. kate says:

    God is always watching…who says He doesn’t use technology?…maybe he’s testing out security cameras to install at the pearly gate – Peter could use a break. =)

  7. matt says:

    I’d be pretty spooked. Especially if I had ever looked up in the ceiling tiles of my office and noticed any red blinking lights. It could all be the same thing. Hmmm – who’s watching you… and what have they seen?

  8. Jackson Bohlender says:

    My Macook does the same thing when I use Safari. I finally just started to use Firefox and the little green light isn’t on anymore.
    Maybe they are still watching me, but I’d rather not know if I was being stalkerazzi’d.

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