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Are you a MOST or a SOME?

Jun 30, 2010

Most read booksSome write them.

Most attend conferencesSome create them.

Most fake intimacySome live intimately.

Most love great designSome design.

Most listen to great musicSome write great music.

Most point out problemsSome solve them.

Most admire beautiful art. Some create it.

Most receive generously. Some give generously.

Most imagine what should’ve beenSome imagine what can be.

Most criticizeSome create.

Are you a “MOST” or a “SOME”?

Let’s stop being afraid of those blank canvases that stare us down and scare the hell out of us…….and let’s create.


17 Responses to “Are you a MOST or a SOME?”

  1. Tim Chambers says:

    great post Scott. That’s very challenging!

  2. boy that will PREACH! thank you.

  3. brad says:

    totally just ripped this idea off for a post on my site! love your heart and have been following you for a few years now. Praying that God continues to bless you.

  4. AdamLehman says:

    So should I tell you I enjoy this post or should I write my own incredible post?

  5. CyrilJones says:

    Great post and very challenging! I have to admit to be a Most that is becoming a SOME through trusting God and stepping out of the boat in expectation that He will catch me. Appreciate You!

  6. Pete says:

    I am “most” but I wish I was “some”… oh well.

  7. Easy Rael says:

    Hi pastor. I’m Israel Tarlit, a pastor in the Philippines. I got to find out about your site because of the book BLOGGING CHURCH. We really want use blogging as a way to communicate the gospel. Glad I come across your site. God bless!

  8. Ben Arment says:

    LOVE this post.

  9. Wow Scott,
    TOTALLY blown away by thoughts on are YOU MOST OR SOME?

  10. Shawn says:

    Here’s one more…
    Most read blog comments. Some actually post.

  11. Hey man… love your stuff!
    The only challenge I had with this post is that it seems to equate someone who is not naturally talented at art or music or writing with someone who is not generous or does not live intimately. I would say that in most of these areas you have listed… it’s totally cool to be a “most” because it has to do with how you are wired by God. Like, my life will still be complete if I listen to great music, enjoy great design, read great books, and attend great conferences… whereas areas such as intimacy and generosity have a lot more to do with personal habits, and are things that should be pursued and the goal should be to become a “some”. Definitely thought provoking…

  12. Christine says:

    I am content with who I am even though I’ll never create beautiful art or write music… I also think that ‘most’ people think they can write a book, but only ‘some’ have anything worth saying. Browse a book store or better yet, a used book store, and you’ll see very quickly what I mean.
    I second Jeremiah Curren.
    Let’s not strive to be “some”thing we’re not. ;)

  13. Ted says:

    Very thought provoking, Scott! Enjoyed your challenge and creative thinking.

  14. Bianca says:

    Whew, that kind of hurt to read. I want to be SOME… so I’ll try living like it ;)

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  16. Jeremy Green says:

    Great post. I love the way worded the two columns. Any motivation to get out and create is always needed.

  17. Its fantastic as your other articles : D, appreciate it for putting up.

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