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Are you proud?

Apr 12, 2006


Are you proud of what you do? 

Think about it.  Your job, your company, the church you attend or lead, the organization that you are a member of…whatever it is – are you proud of it? 

I’m learning that being proud of what you are a part of will drive and motivate you to do just about anything in the world to tell as many people about it as possible – even if it means getting excited about scooping dog poop and driving around with it plastered all over your car. 

The logo that is… 

(And note to The Pooper Scoopers – I LOVE your creativity!  Glad I had my camera in my backpack…)

2 Responses to “Are you proud?”

  1. Jonathan says:

    But everytime the driver looks in the rear view mirror, they see the word “POOP” staring back at them…

  2. True story – we were in Minot, ND years ago and saw a septic pumper truck with a sign that said “Your Poop is Our Bread & Butter”. Ewwwwwww.

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