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Armor of God PJ’s

Aug 29, 2006


I’m excited to announce that we are going to be selling these in our new church bookstore!  Right next to the Scripture Mints and the Lamentation Lollipops. 

Oh man.  Don’t get me started.  Don’t EVEN get me started… 

Link (Thanks Paul)

10 Responses to “Armor of God PJ’s”

  1. bob kerico says:

    Thanks again for the memorable trip to China and Italia ‘ville in Chitown. enjoyed every moment of it, food was wunderbar and it was a special time with special memories at the deli and national Ital Sports Hall of Fame.
    Got home around one in the morning after stopping at the Starbux in your hood and for gas in Plainfield. Easy drive to B’ville.Let’s do it again.
    Love to all,
    Bob and Judy

  2. Betsy says:

    I want to know why the girls get the weak veil “helmet”. Whatever.

  3. matt says:

    Betsy, I noticed the same thing, and my only conclusion can be that from a scriptural view, women aren’t as important as men, therefore when an “attack from the enemy” comes, women are given less protection because their value isn’t as high as men. Or perhaps the helmet of salvation is better, more solid, for men, because it’s easier for them to be saved, where women are less likely to receive forgiveness. Their helmet isn’t as strong as a man’s. ;)

  4. Strong enough for a man: Made for a woman…

  5. C’mon yall – that’s not a ‘girl’s helmet’….it’s a head covering! Shhh. Be silent, girls.

  6. Wonder if they have these in blue?

  7. Dave Anasco says:

    Are your Lamentation Lollipops licorice flavored?

  8. you know, when I was eight my mom dressed me up in plastic armored labeled as the armor of God, then carted me off to our church’s “harvest” party (halloween is evil). i think there were pantyhose involved too. i was not happy . . .

  9. Joni Ruhs says:

    Alex, would that be before or after the Swedish dancing group?

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