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Ask Andy Stanley

Apr 22, 2008


I’m blogging from Exponential.  There’s a big chance that I’m going to be connecting w/ Andy Stanley for a quick video interview in the next hour or two. 

SO…..what should I ask Andy Stanley??

Throw down a comment with your question and if i have time I’ll throw some out to him.


11 Responses to “Ask Andy Stanley”

  1. Matt Bortmess says:

    When is he going to start dressing like Carlos Whitaker, now that he’s on staff?!

  2. Rich Barrett says:

    Ask him who is his favorite (strategic partnership) Lead Pastor. I’d really like to know.

  3. Scott Harris says:

    If he was planting the way most people plant (not enough money and bodies) what would be his budget & bodies threshold? In other words, before he goes public, what staff would need to be in place, how much annual budget and amount of critical mass?

  4. Marty says:

    in what was has he changed his ministry’s strategies over the last 3 years to meet the future needs of the people in his area?

  5. Ask him if he has something against blogging. How about maybe even a Twitter?Throw us a bone Andy! :-) Let him know that Jeff Henderson is Twittering and say it in a way that makes Andy feel silly for not doing it. :-)

  6. i know andy is still young, what does he see as the best way to start to hand off and raise up other leaders under us. especially in a church that size.

  7. Ask him what his response would be to someone who asked why Sunday morning’s purpose isn’t to connect people.
    And possibly how he/we balance trusting God for resources and the reality of money being very tight.

  8. ted says:

    what are the biggest challenges you face currently in leadership?
    what advise would you give to emerging leaders?
    do you tan?
    how are you “leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

  9. With all the adjustments happening in Willow Creek and other churches, are there any major changes he foresees happening throughout the whole church in the near future?

  10. 2nd to the why not blog

  11. Doug says:

    Ask him how many different ways he regrets hiring a staff member for SoCal, especially an artist.

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