Scott Hodge



Apr 25, 2007


Beautiful day here in Atlanta.  Sunny, high of 83.  (Sorry Chicago friends….)  Arrived last night, had dinner at a horrible Brazilian steakhouse ripoff and then kicked it at a rowdy jazz club. 

Q starts today.  Not sure what the WiFi situation will look like, but I’ll do my best to throw out some posts whenever possible.

Off to find a Starbucks…

3 Responses to “Atlanta”

  1. Flaviu Pop says:

    can’t wait to hear what you learned, mang!
    sorry about your steakhouse ripoff experience. should have asked me, man, i would have taken you to zee place. maybe next time, hehe.

  2. Next time in Atlanta you need to go here:
    We went there while attending Drive ’06 and it was awesome, go hungry though.

  3. edith zepeda says:

    Wow you sure do travel alot. Do you rack up lots of frequent flyer miles?

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