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Attractional and Missional Church Planting

Apr 21, 2008


Sitting in a pre-conference intensive with Sally Morgenthaler and panel (Greg Hawkins, Alan Hirsch, Neil Cole, Darrin Patrick) at Exponential.

Attractional or AND Incarnational Church Planting

Sally Morgenthaler poses some big questions that need to be asked.  Calls them "The Big Questions"

    What is the Missio Dei?

    What is the Gospel?

    What is the message of Jesus?

    What makes a church a church?

    What is evangelism?

    How does it happen?

    What is the relationship between Christ and culture?

    Does actively guarantee maturity?

    What can numbers tell us?  What can’t they tell us?   

    What does it mean to lead?

    What does it mean to go?

    What does it mean to gather?

    What does it mean to be faithful?

    What is hope?

Some good discussion happening…  Right now, Greg Hawkins (Exec. Pastor at Willow) is talking about Reveal. 

Will post some of it in a bit.  WiFi is fairly poor here…

4 Responses to “Attractional and Missional Church Planting”

  1. Anna says:

    Interesting–especially the last four. Missional and attractional church building have been on my mind and heart a lot lately too. I believe the two are inseparable, but I feel like I need to learn more. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this.

  2. Jim Larson says:

    I get worried when we start asking questions like “What does it mean to go?” It usually means we’re looking for a reason not to.

  3. Scott I would love to hear what they said about the Reveal study, particularly how it has impacted their subsequent strategies.
    Glad to see you back at the live blogging gig!

  4. Dude, sneak the coffee in the bathroom tomorrow! If we were there together..we would have.

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