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Aug 10, 2006

As you can see, aside from a post on The Orchard Blog, I’ve been staying away from the blogosphere during our brief vacation.  And it’s been a good thing!  Technology is great, but vacationing from it is good too. 

We’ve been having a great time at the Osthoff Lake Resort in Elkhart Lake, WI.  Time away is always good for me but it always seems to take a couple of
days just to chill out and detach from my hectic pace of life.  I will
finally feel relaxed tomorrow afternoon and then it will be time to
head back to Chicago on Friday morning for a wedding and the weekend

A few highlights…

Went crazy at this place yesterday stocking up for some serious meat eating. 

This morning I took Elise fishing for her first time ever and she ended up with this:


Besides almost taking my eye out with her hook, she did a great job!  She was pretty excited about her catch and is jazzed about fishing again. 

This afternoon we rented a boat and spent a few hours out on the lake.  Turns out that this lake is much smaller than we thought, so we toured it quite well.  Very well, in fact. 

Well that’s it for tonight!  My eyes are closing at a rate of once every three seconds while I type this – which might be my body’s way of telling me to shut this freakin’ computer off and go to bed.  I shall obey.


5 Responses to “Away”

  1. Scott, it always good to step away from the technology of this world: computers, cell phones, TV, and every other electronic gadget. It is good to simply turn it all off (there is no commandment that says you have to answer your cell phone or your home phone every time it rings! That is why God had someone invent answering machines and voicemail.) ;-)
    Getting away from the hectic place helps us to focus our attention on God, His creation, and our family. It helps us to remember all the blessings he has given us. Plus, it helps recharge your batteries so you are ready to continue with the work that God has called you to do.
    I am glad that you are enjoying your break. Looking forward to hearing about what is happening at the Orchard. SO EXCITING!!!!

  2. Dave says:

    take care and rest well

  3. Misty says:

    I know how hard it is to do but you’ll be amazed if you can shut off your phone, computer, etc. for a couple of days. I did that earlier this year on a trip I took my son on – I never realized how much time I spent on the phone, computer, etc. until I didn’t take it with me for 2 days!

  4. Johnny Laird says:

    …I’m sure you & your family deserve this rest, Scott. Take the time to slow down, and refuel

  5. I’ll never our fist famili getaway with our little daughter.She was so curious and she was exploring everything she hasn’t seen before.It was amazing just to sit and watch her.I have had many getaways but this is the one I’ll never forget.

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