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Back Home.

Apr 12, 2008
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Arrived back home this morning from Q in NYC.   Had a great day with my family along with a nice nap this afternoon.  NYC is an absolutely amazing city but it’s good to be home!  (I’ll be posting some photos from around the city too…)

Had a blast at Q and I’ll look forward to sharing some of my personal thoughts in the next few days.  I’ll also be posting the rest of my notes from the sessions.  Thanks for your patience but I REALLY needed a blogging break as my eyeballs were starting to protrude out of their sockets while at the same time having hallucinations that I was on the set of I Am Legend

Ok, maybe not.  But I sure am tired…  Even skipped out being at The Orchard tonight so I could stay home and rest. 

Back to family.

One Response to “Back Home.”

  1. Jenni Catron says:

    Scott – it was great to meet you at Q. I’m enjoying reading your posts from Q. Let’s keep the communication going from Aurora to Nashville!

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