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Back to BKK

Jul 9, 2007
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Had a chance to go hang out on the floor tonight with my friend Jim Larson before he and Judy (and kids) head back to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow.  Seated on the floor is Jim (yellow shirt), his daughter Anna and her husband Ben.  The wild foot up in the air belongs to their friend – whose name I completely forgot.  Sorry man…

In case you don’t know Jim, check out some of these links:

The Well (Larson’s ministry in Bangkok reaching out to women in the sex trade industry.)
Jim’s Blog
Some posts from my trip to Thailand this past January. 
168 Hours Video – video #1 (2 & 3 coming!) – definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet…

One Response to “Back to BKK”

  1. Luke L. says:

    Hey his name is Derek just so you know, you can like edit that in and no one has to know you forgot ;)

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