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BBQ & Baptism Confession

Aug 6, 2007





It’s over.  And all I can say is WOW.  Check out this clip for details…

9 Responses to “BBQ & Baptism Confession”

  1. edith Zepeda says:

    Today was AWE-INSPIRING!!! To see the way this and all the events, at the Orchard have grown in the 5 years I’ve been a member is incredible!It was so emotional to see my brother Alex get baptized. As I walked through the crowds of people (trying to recruit for childrens ministry)and spoke to them lots who were visiting were so impressed.I heard many, many compliments about the way the Orchard is like a family. A family I am blessed to be a part of. Oh by the way Teresa and the kids were supposed to be baptized but they are in Colorado for a funeral. She told me to tell you she wants to be the first to make a reservation for 3 for next years Baptism!!

  2. Chris Baker says:

    Awesome…wish I could have been there.

  3. Rindy says:

    Just a month ago I was a part of an incredible baptism service that God unbelievably directed! Three people were ‘scheduled’ to be baptized (one being my youngest son) but when the weekend came, 163 people made the decision (including my 17 year old son also!). All of this in a church that still has people ‘stuck’ commenting about the jeans the pastor wears and the contemporary music that’s played! God rocked the house and showed that HE is the focus!!
    Congrats on a great day–God is on the move!!!

  4. Greg Johnson says:

    Great clip Scott. What technology did you use to produce the clip?

  5. Ben Hammond says:

    Very Awesome! Definitely ranks in the top two baptisms I’ve ever experienced (the other being women of the Well baptized in the ocean). Yesterday was really great. I got to talk and meet a lot of people who got baptized that I had never met and hear their stories. They couldn’t say enough good things about God and what he was doing at the Orchard. I can’t believe I found this place a year ago… something that is definitely worth being a part of. It’s very different, In the best possible way.

  6. Jim Larson says:

    Aww, that is too cool. Got me thinking–I wonder where God is going to take that 100? Who among them will be pastors, teachers, missionaries? Maybe 10? 20 or more? Get ‘em in, raise ‘em up, send ‘em out!

  7. This is extremely encouraging. Sounds like an incredible day. Wish I was with you to celebrate!

  8. jay hardwick says:

    absolutely AWESOME, scott! thanks for sharing the story with all of us. God is proud of the orchard, your team, and you!
    keep running hard, bro!

  9. David says:

    Awesome Scott! Congrats!
    Seriously though. Don’t drink Red Bull after you had a 16 hour day! GO TO BED! Dude seriously, it’s just not healthy. 9:30 at night and drinking an energy drink.

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