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Sep 12, 2007

One of the magazines that we subscribe to at The Orchard is Communication Arts.  This is one of the
leading magazines for graphic, web, print and media designers.  Even though the subscription isn’t cheap,
it never ceases to bring a little creative inspiration into our environment.  Iss200709_3

CA’s latest issue (September/October 2007) is their Interactive Annual, where they feature some of the most innovative and best designed interactive projects created for digital distribution on the World Wide Web, CD-ROM’s, interactive kiosks or handheld devices. 

Here are a few sites that were featured in the issue.  Just when it felt like the good ‘ol "www" has been feeling somewhat bland, these fun sites have proven me wrong. 

The Creative Mind – showcases the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite (Now if I could only learn how to use these programs!) 

Motofone – Documentary of the design of the world famous Motorola’s Motofone.

Motorola Colors – lots of color!

Philips Bodygroom – Hilarious. 

Cool Breath Power – I like this.  Fun.  (Winterfresh Chewing Gum)

Red Bull Fusion – Create a one-of-a-kind video by scratching your mouse over the screen.

Spam Recycler – Take your spam and turn it into something beautiful.

Verve – Don’t go here.  Seriously.  I warned you. 

How Edison Are You? – 100 of Edison’s most popular inventions.  Download .pdfs and try them!

10 Ways – Be careful here.  Another one that will suck you right in.  (Getty Images)

What Noise? – Wow…  This was eye opening.  Experience the effect of specific hearing impairments.

SectionSeven Inc. – Amazing site. 

Urban Silo – Portfolio site for writer and creative director, Jim Elliot

Johnathan Yuen – Absolutely amazing site. 

3 Responses to “Be Inspired!”

  1. Chilly... says:

    Scott, love this stuff!! I discovered Verve a week or so ago and got sucked in for over an hour (felt like a few minutes). Very cool.
    Seems like something new inspires me every day – hope so…
    But, still nothing beats a pitch black night when a bazillion stars flicker on a horizonless sky.

  2. Doug Lake says:

    Thanks for the links. Amazing inspiration!

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah! Awesome links. Thanks.

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