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Big Day!

Aug 5, 2007


Today is going to be a huge day for us here at The Orchard as we baptize over 100 people at our annual BBQ & Baptism! 

This is THE summer event for our church community every year.  Catered BBQ dinner, live bluegrass band, TONS of games for the kids – and then a huge mass exodus over to the water park next door where we have our baptism service. 

It’s going to be a great day!  Will hopefully post some photos late tonight or tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Big Day!”

  1. Chad Payne says:

    That is awesome, Scott!!! I love that approach. I’ve always enjoyed outdoor baptisms because they are more intimate than someone getting into a tank ten feet above the stage and separated from the congregation. Not only that, but baptism is meant to be a public testimony. I love the idea of having a big party and including fun stuff for the kids. I’ll have to steal that idea…

  2. heatheregly says:

    Hey Scott… so where’s the fun advertisement video for baptism? heheheheeeeeee.

  3. I’m fired up about this and I”m not even there. Heck, I considered getting baptized again just to join in on the festivities!!
    Maybe we could link our macs up and I could get dunked again via iChat video!!
    Praying you guys have a great day and this is a great stake in the ground in the life of your church!

  4. Chris Reeder says:

    That is awesome! Great idea!!!

  5. Billy Chia says:

    Sweet! I posted my baptism video. Would love to see some pics from you guys.

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