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Big Vision

Oct 25, 2006

Two weeks ago we began a new series at The Orchard entitled, "BIG!",  where we have dedicated four weeks to casting vision, talking about our mission and asking God to do some BIG things through our church community.

So far, the series has been HUGE and I have no doubt that this could be one of the most significant series we’ve done in the past 18 months. 

Every time I do a series dedicated to our mission I am reminded of how important it is to take time regularly to intentionally focus on our mission and on the WHY behind what we do.  For example, during this BIG! series, I’ve been reminded that:

1.  People forget WHY.

It’s so easy for people to forget WHY we do what we do!  And the minute we forget WHY, we tend to lose our focus and start "playing church."  We don’t want that…

2.  I cannot be afraid to SAY IT!

I’m convinced that the scariest part of casting BIG vision is just getting up and SAYING IT.   As a matter of fact, if it’s easy to say it I have to wonder how "God-sized" it really is.  But when the lips start quiverin’ and the stomach feels a bit sick – those seem to be the greatest GOD MOMENTS. 

There’s nothing like getting up and saying something BIG and immediately thinking, "What the @*#$ did I just say?!?!?!"  Yet, those are the greatest moments.  No doubt about it…

3.  We need to celebrate!

No matter how much we celebrate the stories, accomplishments and progress – IT’S NEVER ENOUGH! 

For most of us, the tendency we have is to celebrate strong in staff meetings and other leadership environments WAY MORE than we do church-wide.  Unfortunately, we end up missing out on BIG opportunities to gain stronger momentum and "buy-in" to the vision. 

I have to remember that some people may be only one story away from doing something huge – through serving, giving, inviting friends and neighbors – or most importantly by taking a step forward in their journey of following Jesus.

2 Responses to “Big Vision”

  1. A couple guys made a hillarious video for our youth service about Big Vision.

  2. Betsy says:

    LOVE, LOVE the logo!

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