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Birthday Cake

Sep 23, 2005


Excuses for eating leftover birthday cake at 1:19AM:

  1. Someone left it out on the table uncovered and it looked like it was getting dry so I had to eat it so that it wouldn’t be wasted.
  2. Sugary foods aren’t good for people – especially my dear family.  So being the noble and God loving person that I am, I am eating all of the leftover cake to remove any temptation that might present itself to my girls. 
  3. I was tired, but I wanted to do some reading, so a quick sugar high will be good so I can get through more than a half a page.
  4. Just in case tonight was one of those nights that I wasn’t able to sleep well, it will be easier to fall asleep on the other end of the sugar high.
  5. I’m not fat enough.
  6. Since it was Julia’s 1st birthday, I didn’t want her to see leftover cake and think that people didn’t want to "celebrate."
  7. Jesus appeared to me in a vision and told me that………ok, nevermind…I think I’m gonna puke.

6 Responses to “Birthday Cake”

  1. Scott, thanks for the laugh! Enjoy reading your posts and the comments. Keep it coming! :-)

  2. Sandy says:

    Happy Birthday Julia !

  3. #5 had me rolling.
    Happy 1st Birthday Julia!

  4. Scott man that was nice. My daughter turns 1 in December, I’ll have to come back to this list so I can justify myself to my wife. Later.

  5. Gemma Grace says:

    I can’t believe Julia is 1 already! Blessings little one. And Scott, you can never be too fat!

  6. Royal Farris says:

    As long as your drinking 2% milk…or that coule be reason 8..

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