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BlackBerry 7520

Jul 26, 2005

7520_2I’m considering replacing my PDA & cell phone w/ the BlackBerry 7520 through Nextel.  I currently use Nextel and am happy with their service here in Chicago.  So…I’m throwing this out to see if any of you use this phone and if so, what do you think? 

What about other carrier BlackBerry users?  What do you like/dislike?

Comment on!  Thanks!

Just found out that the BlackBerry is not compatable w/ mac.  @#*&$@#*&$  (I’m planning on switching to Mac soon…)  Anyone know of a good solution?

8 Responses to “BlackBerry 7520”

  1. jamey johnny johnson says:

    scott, i think rotary phones are the way to go!!! (give me old school).

  2. Todd Rhoades says:

    Hey Scott,
    I have the 7520 with Nextel and love it. The service is great here in NW Ohio as well. And we use the direct connect feature all the time. It’s also sweet for email and as a cell phone and pda. I don’t think you’ll regret your decision!

  3. David Wegley says:

    I have a digital leash, err, I mean blackberry from work and it works pretty well. Our service is through Cingular. Never had a problem with the service. The only real problem is that the keyboard tends to be on the small side and my thumbs get really tired when typing emails. That’s the only real problem I’ve ever had with it.
    I personally like the Treo 650 better as it still uses my palm apps and you there are litterly thousands of apps that will work on it. The Blackberries not so much. If I was going to choose between the two I would choose the Treo personally.

  4. Digital leash is right! Don’t do it Scott – you’ll never be free from the technology, not even for a short breather.

  5. Pete says:

    Hi Scott has an app that will allow you to sync your blackberry to basic mac apps. Here is link…… I have read of people having trouble with it, but it seems to be more user error than app error. I own a different pocket mac app and it works fine.
    I was in the same boat I was going to buy a blackberry and then was informed to wait until around october as they were releasing a new smart phone that was going to be cooler. I dont know if that is pure rumor or not, but Im going to hang out and see.

  6. bob Franquiz says:

    I’m a faithful Mac user. I have Nextel (i830), but I’m switching to Cingular so I can get a Treo. It’s Bluetooth so you can synch it to your mac.

  7. Dude. It’s a Mac. You can sync a blender with a Mac if you really want to.

  8. gilbert says:

    I have the blackberry 7520.
    Warning…stay away from Nextel. It has been a nightmare. Horrible reception and too many to count droped calls.
    I am stuck with a 2 yr contract. Nextel appologizes and says it’s working on the problem.
    Aviod Nextel at all costs.
    The 7520 itself is really great. Increased productivity.
    If I had to do it again I would have gone Treo.

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