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Blog Depression

Aug 22, 2005

It’s funny because I’ve actually joked that part of the reason I blog is because it’s cheaper than therapy.  And while that might be true, there are days when I think I NEED therapy due to the pressure of blogging.  Let me explain…

I started this blog with just about 8 or 9 people reading it a couple of years ago.  It was just a way for me to stay connected with friends and family.  That number slowly crept up to 25 or 30, then to 80, 90, 100, 130, 200, etc…  You get the picture.  (Not that a couple hundred readers a day is a large number of people, but it’s still a little freaky sometimes.)

When there were 8 people reading it there was no pressure to write and come up with anything decent.  Now it’s different.  And the horrible part about it is the anxiety that it sometimes creates trying to come up with something to post practically everyday. 

Am I the only one who feels this way? 

Apparently not.

It’s called blog depression.  I’ve had it and it stinks.  But, right when I start feeling sorry for myself, I remember that for some odd and crazy reason, there are a bunch of people who are interested in hearing from me and I just sort of stand back and say, "What the heck?!" and proceed to write about whatever is on my mind.

So – if you have been hit with blog depression, you’re not alone.  Hang in there.  Don’t be afraid to take a break and read this.

10 Responses to “Blog Depression”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I saw that on someone else’s blog too :) Must be that time of year.

  2. Thanks for the link. That is classic!
    I say keep up the good work. The “couple hundred” of us that are here decided we liked it here reading what you write, so just keep writing what you want–I’m sure we’ll all still be here. :)

  3. Jim Walton says:

    Man, I hear ya. I started out in a similar way and now there are 200-300 readers. It’s overwhelming at times. I have even found myself stressing about what if I say the wrong thing and they don’t like my blog anymore. What?? I don’t even know these people and why am I worrying about if I impress them enough to keep reading. It’s crazy.
    Good post! Lately I have been working on getting back to why I started writing, it was more for me, kind of a therapy, sort through ideas. It wasn’t to gain a following, although that does add a fun element, in my mind, as long as I keep my focus on the reason I started writing.
    I enjoy reading your blog, by the way, keep it up!

  4. Yep, I’ve had blog depression a few times. The thing that gets me over it is remembering WHO I blog for. Do I blog for myself, or for my readers. I blog for myself and so remembering that takes all the pressure off.

  5. Amy Dusek says:

    Awesome link…very humorous, but very true. Even though I’ve only been blogging for not even 2 months, I needed to be reminded that I’m blogging for myself…not other people.

  6. Betsy says:

    LOL. That is classic! So much of it is true… I started blogging so I could put the things I think are interesting online. Now, it’s more of an online photo album than anything else.
    Once I stopped pressuring others to post every day, I felt the pressure lift from my shoulders. I think the RSS feed helped a lot.

  7. Who do you blog for?

    Scott Hodge has a great post today on Blog Depression. This is something that you may get when you feel you have nothing worthwhile to write and you may also get it when you stop to think ‘Who are all of these people that read my blog?’ …

  8. Are you kidding me? I have heard it all now.

  9. Matt says:

    Thank God I found your blog. I was feeling all alone and really felt no one cared. I was sitting in my bathtub at the end of my rope, trying to decide what to blog about next. Then I got so depressed. I grabbed my laptop off the counter next to the tub, plugged it in to the wall and was about ready to drop it in the tub with me (It’s 2005 – no one uses a toaster anymore) then I thought I’d better open it up so water gets in faster and I wouldn’t have a chance to back out… then I saw the screen display your blog and this post. Thanks Scott – you gave me new hope.

  10. James Paul says:

    thanks for coming out of the closet, man. it sounds like we could start a support group already.

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