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Blog Stalker Carlos

Jul 21, 2006


I have a blog stalker.  At least that’s what he calls himself.  And I feel honored!

His name is Carlos Whittaker and he is the Worship & Arts pastor at a great church in Riverside, CA called Sandals.  Carlos seems like a cool dude – I’m diggin’ his blog, his tattoos and his killer glasses.

Anyway – Carlos had some nice things to say about on his latest podcast.  Totally blew me away!  He’s also trying to get me to whip out another podcast, but after listening to his I’m feeling a little intimidated!  :)  

Check out his podcast here.

Thanks for the kind words Carlos!  Great meeting you man!

3 Responses to “Blog Stalker Carlos”

  1. David Wegley says:

    Awww, he mentioned my tag line! =) I’m honored! I totally agree with him! You are doing some awesome stuff on here Scott!
    Also, Carlos, if you are reading, it’s Ill

  2. matt says:

    So the shrine I have in my basement closet including hundreds of photos of you and your blog don’t make me a blog stalker? I’m offended!
    I even went through your trash and dug out the pieces of hair from when you trimmed your goatee and glued them to my chin… no – not really

  3. Beau says:

    I went with the Blackberry 7105t. It doesn’t have a camera and because of the internal antenna it sucks. Better luck with your Treo.

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