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Blogging from a parking lot…

Mar 28, 2007

I’m 15 minutes early for an appointment and I really need to catch up on a few emails.  But there’s no WiFi anywhere to be found.  What do I do?  Ah ha!  I use my Palm Treo 700p to log on and beam the signal from my phone via Bluetooth to my MacBook Pro…and viola!  I’m blogging!  And not catching up on emails…. 

Anyway….  Technology still blows my mind sometimes.  The fact that I can be on a high speed connection wirelessly from my car in the middle of a parking lot.  How cool is that?!   The speed isn’t the greatest (a little under 400kbps per second for download) but good enough to check email and blog. 

Gotta go, now I’m late….

7 Responses to “Blogging from a parking lot…”

  1. Stephanie says:

    You are such a computer geek!!!
    I enjoy the technology too and cannot believe how far it has come.

  2. chris g says:

    you know hat sucks? i have a 8125 wm5, you know high tech stuff right? heck no! cant even teather it to my powerbook, macbook or whatever. plus it only has a speed of 56k. needless to say, im jealous.

  3. Brad Martin says:

    I have a mac book pro and am looking for a smart phone to use. will the palm treo 700p sync with your mac useing ical and all? please let me know. I have been searching for a good match.

  4. Joni says:

    I have a pen and paper. Is that wrong?

  5. edith Zepeda says:

    Ouch! my head hurts from all this Techno Talk.

  6. Anthony C. says:

    You can’t get even close to highspeed w/ us cellular, my contract is up in june, and guess what comes out in june from cingular??? iPohne, oh yea baby….lol…is $500 worth it? hey, you can locate all the starbucks in the whole state if you wanted to, oh wait, you have that memorized like the back of your hand..see ya sunday scott!

  7. Amber Cox says:

    You have inspired me to upgrade to a treo…
    ‘nuf said

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