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Blue Face

Oct 27, 2005
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Just minutes ago, a guy walked into the Starbucks where I’m at with a painted blue face. 

And guess what?  Everyone looked.  No…they stared.

As he walked by the seating area, I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of his jacket advertising US Cellular with a slogan that said something about being "blue in the face."


He could have just done the bumper sticker.  He could have just had a jacket with their logo on it.  But somehow, the guy felt excited enough about the product (or he was being paid big money) that he was willing to paint his face blue to help get people’s attention!

So……………….why do so many churches have trouble getting people excited about THEIR message?


One Response to “Blue Face”

  1. heather says:

    Hey Scott…
    There is this guy on our main street of traffic that holds up one of the signs for Quiznos or maybe it’s for US Cellular, I never really pay attention to the sign. This guy always has headphones on and I think it’s ROCK music b/c he head bangs and does the half way bend over jam session… while holding up the sign..LOL. *what a distraction* I actually have it on video camera… he gets really into it… Now I don’t know if they have actually gained more customers or lost customers due to this guy’s advertising “skills”… Maybe they should show him the BLUE face route HEHE.

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