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Boingo Brings It!

Sep 19, 2008

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So….  I'm in the OKC airport today waiting to board my flight back to Chicago.  My inbox is screaming out to me for attention….  But the WiFi charge is crazy for the hour that I need it. 

So what do I do? 

I harness the POWER of Twitter and post this:


And so within a minute or two, I've got about a dozen offers (my twitter friends are amazing btw…). 

And get this……. 

One of the offers comes from someone at Boingo's official Twitter!
No lie!

And so the guy who responds from Boingo, Jeremy Pepper, tells me to email him for some help.  And the next thing I know, the dude has HOOKED ME UP with a login AND……a few extras for future use! 

(Insert Clapping Here)

And so of course I shoot him back an email to say thanks and he replies with this:

Not a problem – I did get a laugh out of the two pastors sharing log-in information. Tsk, Tsk. ;)

Uh hmmm…..  Wow. 

But still…  That was pretty awesome.

Thank you Boingo!  You guys rocked my face off today.

3 Responses to “Boingo Brings It!”

  1. A lot of generous people on twitter.
    I got a phone sent to me with my was broken from a twitter follower.

  2. Erik says:

    I was in the Baltimore, Hartford and Oakland airports this last couple weeks. Baltimore and Oakland had Boingo, Hartford??? Free WiFi. That’s right FREE!!!
    Since I am not a Twitter person, nor do I have an iPhone to post on Twitter I guess I won’t get any freebies from Boingo.
    I’ll be honest if I don’t have to fly out of Nashville anytime soon that is fine with me. I remembered these last few weeks why I didn’t like traveling for work even in the late 90′s and basically commuted via airplane.

  3. alece says:

    i haven’t been on your site in ages. far too long. i’m enjoying the new look and feel.
    and how awesome that boingo chipped in with some free airtime!

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