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Book Review

Apr 7, 2005
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I just finished writing my very first "official" book review for a print publication called, Leadership Journal – a magazine geared towards pastors and church leaders published by Christianity Today International

I reviewed this book.  (I’m not going to say anything in this post about the book – if you really want to read the review, you’ll need to buy a copy of the magazine when it comes out or wait until it shows up on their website.)

The process went something like this: I received a copy of the book in the mail, read it, underlined and made a lot of notes in it (I hope they don’t want it back…).

Then today I sat down (in a great coffeeship in Wicker Park) with a legal pad and drew an outline of what I wanted to include in the (500+ words) review. 

I wrote it, edited it and decided that it sounded too much like a book review that would be found in some literary guild magazine written by one of the NPR ladies on Saturday Night Live.  So I rewrote it as though I was blogging and now it feels much more like "me."

Now I will send it over to the editor and find out what he thinks.  (If he likes it, I will let you know.  If he doesn’t, I will figure out some lame excuse as to why the review won’t be in the magazine afterall…) 

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  1. Congrats. Good luck on the editing process.

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