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Apr 19, 2005


I read something today that reminded me of one of my favorite childhood memories……….the bookmobile.  Apparently, not everyone knows what a bookmobile is.  Here in Chicagoland, the bookmobile used to come around one day a week and all of us kids would go and browse books and check them out using our library card. 

Seems like a pretty creative way to get kids excited about books.  At least back then… 

Did you have a bookmobile as a kid?

Update: I just found out that the Aurora, Illinois Public Library still has a bookmobile

11 Responses to “Bookmobile”

  1. Betsy says:

    No bookmobile growing up in Ulysses, KS. Not even an ice cream truck!

  2. bill says:

    No bookmobile here in Housotn, TX either. Although that sounds like the coolest idea ever… if a bookmobile came by my office about once a week, that would be amazing!

  3. Dane says:

    We raided the snow cone truck as children, and I can’t say that I learned anything from it, either. Scott, I really think this explains this extra edge you seem to have at such a young age… :)

  4. jamey says:

    Just the MTC city bus, school buses, icecream trucks and drug vans – that what it in my neighborhood!

  5. kate says:

    That’s so cool – I wish we had a bookmobile! We only had an ice cream truck – which I was hardly ever allowed to chase after, since it ALWAYS came right at dinnertime.

  6. Angie says:

    We had one here and I think that I saw one outside of the Walmart by my house a couple of weeks ago! I loved it when I was little.

  7. matt says:

    Yeah, we had the bookmobile in Council Bluffs, IA. But I didn’t like reading, so I wasn’t that excited about it. Loved the ice cream man though.

  8. iman says:

    nope…didn’t have a book mobile or ice cream truck/van growing up in Manila, Philippines.
    we DID have magazine/newspaper stands on almost every corner around my neighborhood, and if you play your cards right and wait for the perfect typhoon…the flash flood’ll bring those reading materials right to your door steps. does that count?

  9. Yeah, we had a bookmobile in St. Louis. All I remember about it is that it smelled a little bit. And that I only had five minutes to pick out a book. (I got one on the muncheechees).

  10. Rich Schmidt says:

    Here in Porter County, Indiana (an hour southeast of Chicago) we have a bookmobile, but I’ve never been in it. I live 2 blocks from the main branch of the library, so I have no need. :)
    I remember knowing about bookmobiles when I was a kid in central Illinois, too, so maybe they have one in Decatur…

  11. Amy Hesterman says:

    Loved the book mobile in Battle Creek, Michigan!! One of my favorite childhood memories as well. A total treat to turn the corner and see it parked at the nearby strip mall. I would even ride my bike around in search of its location. Those were the days when you could ride your bike for endless hours by yourself and neither you nor your parents were fearful about what might happen to you.

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