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Bouncin’ Around

May 19, 2008
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I’m in Springfield, IL – birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and home of the Simpsons.  Ok, I’m kidding.  Lincoln was actually born in Kentucky.

Here for some abomination, woops, um err…I mean denomination meetings. 

Sorry, totally uncalled for.  I really do love our IL folks.

Leave tomorrow for back home and then heading out again on Wednesday to DC for WIBO.  Looking forward to being away with Amanda.  Just the two of us…

My blogging might be a little weak over these next couple of days, but I’ll be keeping Twitterland busy.  If you don’t yet follow my twitters, you can learn more here.  Or by going directly to:

One Response to “Bouncin’ Around”

  1. Earl says:

    So were you preparing your post during the exciting voting session?

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