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Bowling. Chicago style…

May 19, 2007

I want to bowl here.


It’s called 10pin.  Located downtown Chicago, this looks like the coolest bowling alley in the world! From their website:

10pin redefines the bowling experience by combining a retro sport with a hip
upscale lounge. …20,000 square feet of high energy fun. twenty
four state-of-the-art lanes are topped by a 128-foot, high-definition
video wall supported by a nightclub quality audio system. …enjoy all the action from the plush sofas and intimate seating areas of
the lounge or can be served at laneside tables. …offers an extensive martini list alongside a collection
of small plates featuring innovative american cuisine designed to
encourage sharing

Check out the menu here

Anyone up for some bowling?

(Photo from FeedBurner Fotos on Flickr.)

6 Responses to “Bowling. Chicago style…”

  1. that looks sweet… i might be in chicago some time actually, well, when i say some time, i mean like summer 2009, ha

  2. Hey Scott!
    Ed and David want to know when we should come down for bowling. :-)
    Email us and let us know, ok?

  3. edith Zepeda says:

    Hey I see a OVCC Volunteer appreciation night in that bowling alley’s future!

  4. Anna says:

    You need to go bowling next time you’re in Bangkok. They’re all like the one in Chicago, and you can get cute socks, too, because it’s Asia.

  5. scott jones says:

    Scott, I work one block from 10pin, so anytime you want to pick up a ball and crush some pins, just shout. some `bucks on me.

  6. Amber Cox says:

    Scott! Ryan and I have been to 10Pin and would love to go again. Keep me updated and we’ll meet you there!

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