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Brand New Orchard Baptism Video! (8.5.07)

Oct 28, 2007

This video is from our 2007 BBQ & Baptism that took place on Sunday, August 5th, 2007 at The Orchard.  We had 100 people publicly declare their faith in Jesus that day.  It was amazing… 

12 Responses to “Brand New Orchard Baptism Video! (8.5.07)”

  1. love it! Nothing moves me more than baptism. Hey man, I would love to come to chicago and pick your brain for a couple hours. I love what you are doing. fire me an email, and lest see if we can carve out some time!

  2. emma says:

    That is so flippin’ awesome to watch… keep doing what you’re doing Scott and all the guys at Orchard!

  3. J.W. says:

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! This video just about brought me to tears. Especially the seen of the man assisting with baptizing his mom…I’m going to post this video on my site (if you don’t mind?) because I want people to see that this is what it’s all about…a new life.

  4. I’m reminded of a quote from Seinfeld where George says, “If you take everything I’ve accomplished in my life and condense it down to one day, it looks decent!”
    I’d say, if this is all you did at your church for the entire year…it looks way more than decent. This is what it’s all about.
    Thanks for sharing…always good stuff coming from the Orchard. Living 1500 miles away in another country, it’s amazing how you can impact those way beyond the community of Orchard. Most don’t get the power and impact of tools like this to demonstrate and share the gospel.

  5. jay hardwick says:

    words…words…words…there are none.
    i am speechless. and in tears.
    scott, i hope you and your team drink deeply from stories like these – this video alone serves to remind you, your family, your team, and all those who hung in there through the tough years that it was WORTH IT! and this is just the beginning of how God will use the orchard!
    go Jesus go! go orchard go!

  6. Eric Kieb says:

    Amen man, AMEN!

  7. Joni says:

    And I got to see it all live–and so did my kids. I love the fact that they see this as a normal part of life and get excited about it every year. My cheeks hurt from smiling for 6 minutes straight. I love Tomlin’s arrangement of Amazing Grace. GREAT VIDEO!!!!!

  8. debbie bock says:

    Wow…that’s about all I can say! I am so excited about what God is doing at the Orchard!

  9. D-Plum says:

    Loved this, dude… very inspiring for a church planter like me! ;-)

  10. Vanessa says:

    That is a beautiful video. It is awesome to see the transformation work of Jesus Christ in peoples lives!

  11. Lizzie says:

    I said this on the orchard blog too, but man did that make me cry, again!

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