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Breaking The Missional Code

May 31, 2006
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I’m notorious for marking, writing, circling and scribbling all over the pages of my books.  I’m not a clean cut highlighter kind of guy – which is why I don’t really care to borrow other people’s books.  I’d rather dish out the dollars to buy it so I can go mark it up – which is exactly what I did in Ed Stetzer and David Putman’s new book, Breaking The Missional Code.  (Actually, I didn’t buy it – they sent it to me and I’m really glad they did!  Great book!

While reading it (on an airplane coming back from LA), I found myself constantly saying, "GOOD for you guys for writing that!"  I really appreciated the fact that they weren’t afraid to admit their mistakes and what they’ve learned through them. 

The book really challenged me at a perfect time in my life by reminding me that we must never put our personal preferences over our call or mission.

Good quote from the book:

"…often we are called to engage a culture that is not our own preferred culture.  Our job is to take the gospel to each community, not hold on to our preferences." 

The book is practical, spiritual and just really helpful – especially for pastors or church leaders who are in the process of planting or transitioning an existing church.  For guys who are doing innovative and creative ministry, you may not find yourself thinking, "Wow! I’ve never heard that!" but you will find yourself a bit convicted and reminded of the "why" behind it all.  Which is much needed – for all of us.

While I didn’t agree with every word written (big deal, right?) I did appreciate the time they took to recognize and validate what God is doing in and through emerging churches.  In fact, they gave a pretty fair and detailed look at how God is using all different types of churches

The book spoke unity and I like that. 

Great stuff…

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