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Brian McLaren & My Spiritual Journey

Nov 15, 2006

Over the past 4 or 5 years, Brian McLaren has become one of my favorite authors.  To tell you the truth, his books have probably messed my thinking up more than just about anything else I’ve read in a long time. (i.e. A New Kind of Christian trilogy, Generous Orthodoxy, etc…) 

Even though Brian gets some "bad press" once in a while from people who apparently have it all figured out; and while I have not always agreed with everything he has written, you’ve got to give it to him – this guy poses questions that a lot of people are afraid to ask and allows you to examine your opinions and doctrine from a fresh perspective. Which is HUGE for me…  Especially considering that by the time I had reached my early 20′s I had found myself with a belief system rooted more in, "because my pastor told me it was true" than I cared to admit.  The fact was, I had very little ownership of my faith and beliefs – which in turn equaled shallow faith. 

Thanks to Brian McLaren and a few others, these past few years I have found myself no longer afraid to ask questions, to journey and to even at times doubt.  And as a result, my faith has become so much stronger and I now find myself in a much deeper relationship with God than I would have ever dreamt of having.  (Which is why I constantly remind people that following Jesus is a JOURNEY – not a destination…

Anyway……..Jesus’ Creed blogger, Scott McKnight’s post on Brian McLaren is what got me thinking about all of this.  It’s good and worth a read.


5 Responses to “Brian McLaren & My Spiritual Journey”

  1. Chris says:

    So true Scott, why are so many in the evangelical world scared to question?
    I think Brian has really helped the church out more then folks want to give him and his writing credit for.

  2. Johnny Laird says:

    Thanks for bringing this up, Scott.I agree that Brian Mc sometimes throws a few curveballs which really make you think & consider, but that’s not a bad thing. What has impressed me – and will stay with me – is the graciousness he has shown when criticism comes his way. Some of the hits he’s had to take have been heavy, yet he never appears to respond with anything other than measured thoughtfulless and good grace.

  3. Scott, what cracks me up is that on The Jesus Creed, McClaren gets called a provocatuer, while Mark Driscoll gets called everything but a menace to civilization. Frankly, I think we’re a bit over civilized. It all depends what irritates one the most, I guess…an elusive navel gazing sage or a bombastic young gun. Perspective is everything.

  4. hey, have you read secret message of jesus? im reading it at the moment…

  5. emma says:

    Being honest, I havent read much of McLaren’s stuff yet, I’m partially through A Generous Orthodoxy. For me, even though I dont necessarily agree with everything he says, he makes me question and think about things for myself, which is something I need to do. Therefore, he helps draw me closer to God- which is the whole point after all!!

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