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Buzz Film Festival

May 4, 2006

Tonight was a great night at the Buzz Film Festival over at Ebenezer’s here in DC. Man, there was some great talent represented tonight.  I was so fired up what I saw!  There were a couple of church teams represented tonight that are pumpin’ out some incredible, HIGH QUALITY, creative video work.  Amazing stuff…! 

I’m diggin’ what Mark and crew at NCC are doing.  Love their energy, their passion and how much fun they have doing it all!  It was great to see all of those guys tonight… 

Tomorrow morning will be the BBB – Buzzin

3 Responses to “Buzz Film Festival”

  1. Hey Scott-
    Thanks so much for coming to Buzz! And it was great to have you at the bloggers breakfast. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am going to throw the blogger breakfast participant links up on my site, and we will try to get a link on the Buzz site, as well.

  2. Bruce Chant says:

    Hey Scott, nice to meet you at Buzz. I’d concur with Heather, great idea on the bloggers breakfast. Look forward to following things in Aurora via your blog.

  3. Hey man,
    Enjoyed meeting you at the Buzz… love the blog… still laughing at trump sitting “behind” you… that’s great… hey, some time you might have to make a trip to sunny Florida… hope to connect up again soon…

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