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Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

Jul 28, 2005

Stopped by Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Lincoln Park last night for a quick dinner before settling down at a Starbucks to do some writing.  It had been a looooooong day and this was my first bite of food all day and WELL worth the wait. 

Since I haven’t done many food pics, here’s what I ordered (click on pics to see larger version):

patatas bravas (spicy potatoes with tomato alioli)

costillitas a la riojanarioja (short ribs, manchego mashed potatoes)

And then for a little (mini) dessert…

torrija de coco (bread pudding and sorbet)

Check out their menu here.  Locations in both Lincoln Park (Chicago) and Las Vegas.

5 Responses to “Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba”

  1. angie says:

    I can’t wait for you to take me to all of these places when I get there in October! I will bring bigger pants!!!!

  2. Colleen says:

    It looks very good Scott. I was wondering….do you ever get funny looks from people when you are taking pictures of your food?

  3. Betsy says:

    Colleen! I was going to ask that exact same question!
    Do they think you’re a food critic and give you free wine?

  4. scott hodge says:

    great question colleen… no funny looks that i know of. i usually do it fairly quick and discreetly. no free food or wine.

  5. Since you’re posting a review of the food/locale on your blog, in essence, you ARE a food critic. At least as far as they are concerned. A negative blog about a place could impact their revenue – even on a miniscule basis. All that to say, Next time try and get free wine! :)

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