Scott Hodge



Sep 11, 2008


18 Responses to “Caption?”

  1. I’m as smart as my daddy

  2. Rick says:

    If John McCain and Sarah Palin…. oh never mind.
    I know, I’m gonna burn for that one. I’m sorry, Lord.

  3. Joni says:

    I see a church filled with people who lead each other and the world into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    So its the GLASSES that give Dad good vision.

  4. jay hardwick says:

    i had something clever planned, but rick’s mccain/palin caption is unbeatable…and i can’t stop laughing. :-)

  5. John Wimber’s shirt, Rob Bell’s glasses.

  6. Anthony C says:

    alright, im ready to go for the afternoon starbucks run!

  7. Dad, Can I borrow the car keys to go to Starbucks?

  8. fred says:

    Hi…my name is tim stevens…have you read my book “Pop Goes the Church?”

  9. Sam says:

    When I was your age…

  10. Chris Baker says:

    “Dad, I wanna be just like you!”

  11. Scott Chompson says:

    Holy Cow! Cubs Win!

  12. Brian says:

    You look different, Scott. Did you get a haircut?

  13. Erik says:

    “Dad, I still don’t see any hair!!!”

  14. Keith Jone says:

    Quantum physics? No problem, right after I get my diaper changed.

  15. Big Chris says:

    With his bat mask nowhere to be found, a young Bruce Wayne improvised…

  16. Morehart says:

    ummm, give 2 shots of espresso with a dollop of foam please…

  17. Mike Rowell says:

    As it turns out, Moby came by his trademark style pretty early on.

  18. kathryn says:

    you are right fred…he does kind of look like Tim Stevens here…lol!

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