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Sep 29, 2007

This was the scene in our "holding space" a few minutes after my talk at Innovate 2007. 

(Click for larger version.)

Does anyone have a good caption for this?  (And yes, those are all Macs that you see…

20 Responses to “Caption?”

  1. Mark says:

    “Why talk when iChat is so much fun…”

  2. Alece says:

    i’ve got nothing by way of a good caption. my creativity instantly vanished into thin air at the site of starbucks and krispy kreme… i’m a missionary in south africa; neither of those divine treats are available here!
    so… uh… yeah. that’s all i’ve got.

  3. Tony Wheeler says:

    “iChat, doU?”
    “Hey, who brought the apples?” (seriously, doesn’t appear that anyone had one!)
    (key sappy piano music) “Do you find yourself in a room full of people, but feeling lonely? With iChat you don’t have to.” (queue fast talking side effects warning guy, “Serious side effects such as caffeine addiction, uncontrollable Photobooth use, non-virus getting pride and of course vomiting may occur).”

  4. Daniel D says:

    “Apples or Macs?”
    “The bald guy is looking at what???”
    “Hurry and get on!”
    “Serioulsy, if we all type together at once our collective energy will help us rule the world… muu haha… muu haha.”

  5. eric says:

    “if jesus came back today, what would his last supper look like?”

  6. “Being the only one who wears glasses makes me feel left out at times.”
    We’re here to help.
    - broughttoyoubytheconcernedgroupof slightlyoff-centeryetequallyimportant organizationsthatmakesurenoonefeelsevenatwingeof

  7. “They all look like they’re getting Wifi – I’ll feel silly if I ask… oh well… I’ll just reformat all my Word Docs instead…”

  8. Corey says:

    Thanks for coming to Innovate and sharing your story.
    Corey Mann

  9. not sure about afterwards, but beforehand, I’d say
    “Scott Hodge and his creative planning team search desperately through Rick Warren’s sermon archives for a talk for Scott to give at Innovate07.”
    “the Orchard team celebrates communion with Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, and a frenzy of Macs… what could be more spiritual than that?”

  10. Bill A. says:

    Possible captions…
    Does anyone know how to turn these things on?
    The geek squad doesn’t have anything on us.
    First one to find the nearest Starbucks wins!

  11. los says:

    “Have you guys read ragamuffinsoul today?”
    “Hey. What’s carlos’ iChat name?”

  12. ted says:

    “thank god ted isn’t in here with his pc…what is he waiting on??”

  13. Grant Reeves says:

    The Last Supper

  14. bekah says:

    no caption but i must say i feel a twinge of sorrow for poor ben there in the corner… the only one without a mac. **cue cellos in minor keys and despondent sobbing**

  15. Doug Lake says:

    Now that’s a chat room – I suppose you all were video chatting with the built in iSights!
    What about: “Cyber friends meeting in person! – BYOMACbook

  16. Doug says:


  17. bunchosmittys says:

    nick nack
    holy macs
    was the hot sign on?
    this whole crew
    came rolling home!

  18. Johnny Laird says:

    Apple Mac? “Check!”
    Hooked up with good coffee
    ? “”Check!”
    U2 on iTunes? “Check!”
    On first name terms with “Brian” “Check!”
    …..We are EMERGING!!
    Sent with much love.
    Peace & blessings
    J :-)

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