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Catalyst Messed Me Up

Sep 22, 2007

Eight years ago I got messed up.  BAD.  And I’ve never been the same since.

The year was 1999 and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia with a friend of mine to attend a brand new conference that was being called Catalyst.  The event was being held at Northpoint Community Church and the speakers were: Andy Stanley, Ed Young, Howard Hendricks, John Maxwell and a handfull of others. 

At that time, this was one of the first gatherings of its kind – geared to young leaders and done in a way that stretched the daylights out of just about everybody there.  And for me personally, I can honestly say that Catalyst became exactly that in my life – a "catalyst."  It changed me.  And it pushed me in a direction that was completely different from anything I had ever seen or been a part of before. 

And now, here I am eight years later, preparing to be back at Catalyst once again.  It’s been eight years and a lot has changed.  From 1,500 attendees to over 10,000.  Wow…  And the cool part about it all is that I’m heading there with the same friend I went with the very first time.

What about you?  Are you going to be at Catalyst? 

It’s happening in less than two weeks.  October 3-5 in Atlanta.  They’ve got quite a lineup scheduled: Andy Stanley, Erwin McManus, John Maxwell, Craig Groeschel, Francis Chan, Patrick Lencioni, Tim Sanders and a whole bunch of other great leadership voices. 

Here’s the deal…  If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so online or by calling 888-334-6569.  And here’s the best part – if you mention that you read my blog when you call, it will save you $20 on your registration. 

And then……you can send me a Starbucks card for $10 and we’ll both be happy.  :)

Anyway…  Hope to see you there.  Shoot me comment if you’re planning on coming and let’s set up a blogger breakfast or something.  I’d love to connect.

9 Responses to “Catalyst Messed Me Up”

  1. Flav says:

    i’m in! what time and where?? let me know.

  2. Chilly... says:

    I would love to go, man! But…

  3. Jeff Kapusta says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’ll be there. Would love to hook up!

  4. Elaine says:

    I ask this an outsider. The Emergent/Missional movement seems very male dominated. Is this an accurate impression? Are there women leading these kinds of groups? I see more women leading/pastoring prosperity Gospel kind of outreaches that Emergent.

  5. Mike says:

    Sadly, I won’t be able to make it. Please post on what the Lord shows you

  6. Scott,
    Is there an unofficial bloggers breakfast happening? I would love to be apart is so. If not maybe we can start one.
    Where and when?
    See you there.

  7. Dave says:

    My wife Heather and I will be there. Can’t wait. This will be our first year! Would look to connect with all you.

  8. Brad Larson says:

    I will be attending the conference this year with Brent Coulter and 2 other pastors from AZ. Hope to see you.
    Let’s try to connect.

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