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Korean Tacos 2.0

Mar 11, 2009
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If you were at The Idea Camp, you’ll remember a couple of mentions about this dude.  Definitely worth a watch.  Amazing to see how the power of Twitter in this context.

PS – I want one. NOW.


Oct 25, 2007


Can somebody please tell me why they call this the "fun size?" 

Now THIS is more like it!

Lunch with a Naked Pastor

Sep 24, 2007

I’m sitting in a dark Starbucks near North Michigan Avenue getting ready to meet up with the infamous Naked Pastor – Troy Gramling for lunch. 

If you haven’t checked out his site, you really should.  Troy is going to be one of the speakers at this week’s Innovate 2007 conference.

Oh yeah – and crazy thing happened just a few minutes ago…  I had just crossed Michigan Avenue when I heard someone say, "Scott Hodge!?".  I turned around and there was fellow blogger, Tim Shraeder, on his way to his office in the John Hancock Center.  Small world, isn’t it?


Bowling. Chicago style…

May 19, 2007

I want to bowl here.


It’s called 10pin.  Located downtown Chicago, this looks like the coolest bowling alley in the world! From their website:

10pin redefines the bowling experience by combining a retro sport with a hip
upscale lounge. …20,000 square feet of high energy fun. twenty
four state-of-the-art lanes are topped by a 128-foot, high-definition
video wall supported by a nightclub quality audio system. …enjoy all the action from the plush sofas and intimate seating areas of
the lounge or can be served at laneside tables. …offers an extensive martini list alongside a collection
of small plates featuring innovative american cuisine designed to
encourage sharing

Check out the menu here

Anyone up for some bowling?

(Photo from FeedBurner Fotos on Flickr.)


May 9, 2007

I discovered something at St. Arbucks today that will most certainly make you slap your grandma…. 

It’s this:


The Marble Loaf. 

But not just the Marble Loaf…  It’s the Marble Loaf TOASTED.  Heated.  Warmed.

Holy smokes.  Sweet Moses…..  REALLY, really good.  It’s like toast with chocolate chips and other types of goodness. 

Crunchy on the outside, Pentecostal revival on the inside…

Go try it. 


From Cocaine to Foie Gras

Apr 15, 2007


Stephen Dubner (Freakonomics blog) had an interesting post on Friday entitled, "How the Crack Dealer Became a Chef".  It’s about a chef by the name of Jeff Henderson

Chef Henderson has a fascinating story – grew up in LA, became a crack dealer, went to prison, learned how to cook, finally got out of prison and worked at several restaurants and now……….he’s the executive chef at the Cafe Bellagio in Vegas

Chef Henderson tells his story in his new book entitled, Cooked


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