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The Journey There

May 18, 2012
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Read this great quote by Richard Rohr the other day:

How you get there determines where you arrive and what you arrive as.

I could apply this to so many areas of my life right now….but as I read it, I couldn’t help but think about it through the very practical lenses of the journey my family is taking to Thailand next week.

20 hour flight + 3 kids + layover + jet lag + trying to disconnect my brain from my regular pace of work and life = CRAZINESS.  There’s no way around it.  And unfortunately, I know my tendencies all too well – especially when it involves slowing down and transitioning into a slower pace.  Been there, done that….and quite often, not very well.

So I’m making some internal, up-front decisions about how I’m going to handle the crazy parts of the journey.  And I’m determined to be intentional about making the “how you get there” part as great of an experience as I can for everyone – or at the very least, contribute towards it in a positive way – instead of a way that will only add to the tension, frustration, and craziness that the journey will inevitably bring.  I have to….because Rohr’s right – the “where we arrive” and the “what we arrive as” parts depend on it.


Heading to Thailand!

May 11, 2012


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

In less than two weeks my family and I will be boarding a plane and heading to the other side of the world for a six-week excursion through the beautiful country of Thailand!  This will be my third visit there and my family’s first.  As you can imagine, we’re all very excited and looking forward to all of the crazy and unique experiences I’ll look forward to sharing with you about!

As of right now, our plan is to spend time wandering the urban concrete jungle, Bangkok (population approx 10 million), soaking in the beauty of Koh Samui and the surrounding islands down south in the Gulf of Thailand, and experiencing the rich Thai culture of Chiang Mai up north.  We’re going to get it all – CITY, BEACH, JUNGLE.  And while we do have a plan, we’re also holding onto it lightly and with a ton of flexibility so that we can move fluidly and quickly wherever and whenever we decide.  I’m also looking forward to seeing and hanging out with a handful of friends while we’re there (and making a few new ones)!

We are so thankful for our staff, board, leaders, church community, and friends who have all been incredibly supportive and excited with us!  My sense is that the time we’re away for is going to be a significant time for The Orchard as well.  Our team is strong, engaged, excited, and will continue to lead with excellence while we’re away.  They’re also preparing to launch a great follow up series to YOU 2.0 that I believe is going to be incredibly relevant and challenging for our entire tribe!  I can’t wait to hear what God does while we’re away!

While I’m not totally sure what our Internet situation will be throughout the trip (should be pretty good), I do hope to share some of our experiences with you via Twitter (which feeds to my Facebook page), Instagram, and here on my blog.  You can also sign up to receive all of my blog updates via email by entering your email in the box at the top right of this page.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and love!  I’m looking forward to a couple more weekends together with our Orchard tribe before we leave.  Our departure date is May 22nd and we’ll be returning the first week of July.

Google map links: Thailand, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai

Loving You Some A.D.D.

Sep 1, 2010
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Love Blaine’s transparency in this recent post.  Reminds me of why his is one of only a handful of blogs I’m adamant about reading on a very regular basis.

My friend, Mike Foster, is in Bangkok with his family for a couple of months.  I’m enjoying his tweets and posts.  But I’m jealous too.  :)

Finally finished watching Julie and Julia last night.  Watched the first half a couple of weeks ago.  It was a fun movie.  Quick fun fact: I was in NYC when it was being filmed and accidentally walked onto the set.

Video: Octopus Ballet.  Um…wow.  Amazing.

Excited to have the opportunity to work with Jarrett and Jeanne Stevens at this year’s STORY Conference.  I’ve loved getting to know these guys.  There was a solid connection from the moment we all met.  Also loved having them at The Orchard a couple of months ago.  You can download their talk here. BTW…love the direction STORY is headed this year.

Irish Hipster-Theologian, Peter Rollins was at Mars Hill (Rob Bell) this past weekend.  Enjoyed listening to most of Peter and Rob’s conversation.

Innovation Cultivation. It’s the title of this post from The Orchard’s very own Larry Boatright over at the Origins blog.

I’ll be honest.  I’m a sucker for cool hotels.  I especially love finding affordable, non-chain, boutique hotels whenever I travel to major cities. Loved staying at this one on a visit to Austin last year. Speaking of hotels, is a great blog from the folks at Conde Nast Traveler.  Great photos too.

That’s it for now.  Thank you for weeding through my A.D.D.  Time for some Adderall.  :)

a few bangkok iphone photos

Mar 9, 2010

 IMG_1058 IMG_1072
 IMG_1075  IMG_1129 
IMG_1170  IMG_1243
IMG_1301  IMG_1332
 IMG_1359  IMG_1377

I’m calling it SHOCKTOBER.

Oct 20, 2009

Ok, so there are around 2.4 billion things that I'm excited about right now.  And I seriously feel like I need to pinch myself just to make sure this is all real.  Here's a taste.

STORY – It happens next week!  Can't wait.  Around 1,700 pastors, communicators, church leaders, writers, speakers, etc will converge for two days to learn and be inspired by an amazing line up of storytellers –   people like Dave Gibbons, Ed Young, Donald Miller, Nancy Beach, Mike Foster, Stacy Spencer, Chris Seay, and others.  The first day happens on Wednesday, October 28th at the beautiful Paramount Theater in downtown Aurora.  The next day will be workshops (sold out!) happening at The Orchard.  Honored to host and be a part of STORY!

CULTIVATE – Seriously, Chicagoland is the place to be in October.  Cultivate is a highly interactive, conversational, collaborative un-conference that's all about church communication.  It's happening the day before STORY.  And the lineup of facilitators is just sick.  Wow.

DAVE GIBBONS – We are honored to have Dave speak at The Orchard's gatherings the weekend following STORY.  Not only is Dave a good friend, but he's someone God has used to impact my life in some pretty significant ways.  I'm thrilled that our church community gets to hear and learn from him!

THE NEW & IMPROVED….ORCHARD – The Orchard has had an extreme makeover!  Through the amazing "pro bono" generosity of fellow Orchard tribal members, Dawn & Keith Baldwin (Aspire One), we have a new logo and amazzzing new website that will go live later THIS WEEK.  I'll talk more about this in a later post…  STAY TUNED!

LOVE.SERVE.GIVE. – It's The Orchard's GLOCAL outreach opportunities this winter.  More about this later as well… But just know that we are going to have some amazing opportunities to bring beauty and hope to people locally in our city and globally in places like Uganda, Thailand, and El Salvador.  

ORCHARD ART INITIATIVE – Too much to type, but The Orchard is turning into an art gallery starting this month.  Our campus will be filled with art from local artists.  Huge dream come true, but only the beginning…

Ok, there's more, but I my fingers hurt and I need to study.  OUT.

Meet Dave Gibbons!

Mar 5, 2009
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I’ve gotta be honest… I am blown away at the caliber of people God has surrounded my life with.  I'm serious.  The leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, etc… who I've had the opportunity to get to know and become friends with over the years is something that I am so grateful for!

One of those people is a very new friend of mine by the name of Dave Gibbons.  Dave is….umm…let's 
see.  Well let me just paste in what Zondervan says about him:

Picture 1

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Dave while at The Idea Camp in ZZ36489BEA
Irvine, CA.  In fact, not only did I have the
privilege of spending some time learning from Dave, but 
SOMEHOW……I also found myself sitting between him and Eugene Cho during a Leadership Q&A 

session at Idea Camp!  That was quite an honor… (even though he made me eat this.)

SO ANYWAY….with all that said, there’s two things I want to tell you about:


DAVE'S BOOK.  The Monkey and the Fish.  I read a lot of books, but seldom do I read one twice.  I'm already half way through my second reading…

It’s hard to describe how much I have found myself resonating with Dave’s heart through his book.  Plus, watching how God is using him, not just in SoCal, but also in places like Bangkok, India, London, Mexico City, and multiple other cities, is stretching and challenging me in some unbelievable ways.  (You can read about my visit to NewSong Bangkok here.)


THE VIDEO.  The other thing I want you to know about is this video interview recorded last weekend by Eugune Cho (who you also need to get to know…).

On a side note, Dave will be speaking at this year’s Leadership Summit at Willowcreek

Lastly, here’s some linkage.

Dave’s Blog

Dave’s Twitter
NewSong Church
Buy the Book

Get to know Dave Gibbons folks.

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